Outdoor Gift Ideas for $100 or More – Christmas Gifts – 2016

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Here are some outdoor gift ideas for $100 or more that would make great Christmas gifts for the camper, hiker or survival minded person on your list this year. You can get them at the links below and help support this channel.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Lightweight Backpacking Tent:

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20 Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag:

Vanquest Envoy 3.0 Messenger Bag:

Vanquest Trident 20 Backpack:

Hennessey Hammocks:

Valley Food Storage:

First Edge 5050 Navy Seals Survival Knife:

First Edge 5150 Navy Seals Field Knife:

Worksharp Ken Onion Edition:

Allegheny Knife Works:

MSR Windburner 1.8 Liter Cook System:

MSR Windburner Skillet:

GoPro Action Cameras:


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