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Sensible Prepper Presents: “Storage Survival Cache”. Having some supplies off site is important to any Prepper plan. You can have a house fire or your place can be comprised and you have to leave without notice. This is a great way to have a back up plan that can give you extra time to figure it out. Check your local laws and ordinances before storing weapons and ammo.

Going Gear (Flashligths & quality Outdoor gear)

Berkey Sport Bottle

Jolly Tank Website

Khukuri Website

Storage Gear Kit
Falcon II backpack
Max Chest Rig
ACU Pants, blk wool Shirt, wool sock, gloves, (2) Bandanas
Boonie & watch cap
Survival Kit
6 AR Mags, 2 Pistol mag pouch (pouch only)
M16 Bayonet, issue cutters
Firestarting kit
BDS 1-2 pt Bungie Sling
Rite in Rain pad, Sharpie
Small Towel
2 pair of Gloves
Camo Tape/ 100 mph tape
Hatchet (Sharpened)
Combat Boots (Blk)
Paracord 550
Safety Glasses
Scorpion Flashlight (4 CR123 Batteries)
2-way Comms (FRS Radio Pair) Channel 7
Leatherman Mutt Multi-Tool

Storage Survival Kit Inventory
SOS Food Bars (5)
Water Packets (6- 4.27oz)
Survival Kit folding knves included
Olight Flashlight (AA) Extra Batteries
1st Aid Kit w/ Tour
Trioxane box
Jolly Tank H20 carrier
Berkey Sport Bottle
Swiss Soldier’s Knife & sheath
Firesteel & blade
Tooth Brushes / Tooth Paste
Soap / Deordorant/ Shampoo/ Towels (5)

Storage Tools
Screw Drivers (2)
Pliers (Lg & Md)
Needlenose Pliers
Small Plier
100 MPH tape
Twine / 550 cord
Carry Bag
USAF Airmen Survival Guide

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