🔥The Unusual Mil-Tec Tripod for Alcohol Stoves – Review

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Different, definitely different!
In this episode you are going to see a tripod stove stand which is known as the Mil-Tec Tripod.

It’s a spirit stove support and you likely haven’t seen anything like it before.

Adenda Free Link : https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/mil-tec-tripod-for-alcohol-stove/22774

Price : $5 + shipping which is $10 flat to the USA

Weight : 3.4oz (7.1oz with a spirit burner)

Size : 4” high x 3.25” wide x 10” in diameter 5.5” from leg to leg when opened

Materials : Stainless steel

A handy little stand for your Trangia, or Mil-Tec made copy, spirit burner.

Some time back a viewer sent me this stove stand and only recently have I gotten it out to use. I filmed an adventure with it and had countless people asking about it so here I am today with a video to talk about it and to go over all of the details.

It took me some time to locate this product as I have never seen anything like it in the USA and it turns out, this is a common product in the UK and is made by Mil-tec. I did some searching and wasn’t able to find it being offered anywhere in the USA so I have included a link to the Varusteleka web page if you are interested in it.

Note : Varusteleka didn’t send this to me. Mil-tec didn’t send this to me and I could care less if you bought it. My reviews are agenda free and I’m only here to share my thoughts on products and you can make up your own mind. No sponsored BS reviews on my channel.

Pros :

Well made

Very solid ; seems far heavier than 3.4oz

Simple and yet functional.

Holds stove into place while traveling

Legs lock into place

Cons :

I have heard that this stand won’t work with vintage Trangia military surplus stoves but I have tried it with multiple modern versions and they all have fit without any issues.

Is designed for larger cups and pots; small cups won’t sit correctly if at all.

The weak point for this stand is the springs which allow for the legs to be locked into place. They can get hung and stretched. I have had this happen and used a pair of needle nose pliers to fix it.

Summary :

When it comes to stands for Trangia stoves, this is by far in my opinion anyways one of the most interesting. Also, it is one of the less expensive of stands that are out on the market. The only other that I can think of is a Chinese made stand which basically copies an Evernew product; it costs $3.50.

I like the design, I also like the price. For what it does it’s great but it won’t work with small cups and that is the main point to keep in mind as that may make or break your decision.

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