This Power Bank is Made From Carbon Fiber ( NiteCore NB10000 Gen 2 )

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2 years ago I reviewed the original NB10000 from NiteCore and I loved it! It was and still is one of the lightest weight power banks out on the market; while my review was very positive I did have a few suggestions to improve the product.

Two years have passed and NiteCore has a new Generation 2 version and I’ve been testing it out for the last couple of weeks and in this episode, I’ll be sharing my thoughts.

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Price : $60

All Carbon fiber frame and panels

Capacity : 10000mAh with 6900 being usable.
– There is also a 5000MAH version

Features :
– IPX5 rated water resistant, and comes with a slew of safeguards against short-circuit, overcharge, over discharge, or overheat.

– Fast Charge from both ports at the same time

USB-A port supports up to 18W out
USB-C port supports up to 20W out and will charge at 18W.

– When quick charge is not needed, the NB10000 has a one-touch low current mode for delicate devices such as Bluetooth headphones and smart watches.

– It can charge and discharge at the same time

– Features a low current charging mode for Bluetooth headphones and smartwatches – Hold mode button until white light turns on. Hold mode button again to turn off and a 4th LED will turn on

– Has a LED indicator which shows power level :
*** 100% Remaining
** 70%
* 30%
* flashing means it is depleted

– Blinking LED indicator lets you know when it is charging

Materials : Carbon Fiber Case and a Carbon Fiber Frame

Weight : 5.3oz

Dimensions : L-4.8″ x W-2.32″ x H-0.42″

Includes : NB10000 Gen ii (Gen 2) power bank, USB-C charging cable

Features all of the typical built-in protections : Overcurrent, Short-Circut, Over-discharge, Overcharge, Thermal and so on.

Accepts Quick Charge 3.0

Versions : There is a 20,000mAh version that features 4 ports, it costs $100 and I may take a look at it in the future.
Review Pros :
– Extremely lightweight – one of the lightest on the market
– Very small power bank – takes up no space in my pack
– Excellent quality
– No issues with charging : no glitches experienced
– Excellent waterproofing : IPX5 rated water resistant – there are other channels completely submerging these are they keep working
– Looks great, feels great, feels very sturdy even though it is so lightweight
– I like the yellow rings that surround the ports
– It recharges quickly too; from one bar flashing to full charge in around 3.5 hrs with a good wall charger.
– Can dual charge – charge two devices or charge a single device while charging the power bank –
– Good capacity – With my average overnight trip, I can charge my phone and run a led light at camp for hours with energy left over.
Reliable : My experiences with the Gen 1 have been perfect – I’ve used it one every single trip that I’ve been on over the last 2 years; that’s at least one trip per week and I’ve never had a single problem. All of the ports work, I haven’t noticed any battery degradation, no swellings, etc and I expect no issues with this Gen 2 model. Nothing so far with almost a month of use.

Review Cons :
Dual Charing is nice but when charging two devices at the same time, neither is at fast charging speeds because both channels are being used.

: Improvements Made and What I would still like to see :

Made –
The company improved the power indicators; previously it was in the power switch and was difficult to read. The separate indicators on the new version is much better.

They raised the USB C charging port from 18W to 20W.

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