The Best Tarp Poles I Have Ever Used! Green Elephant Adjustable Poles Review

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This product is amazing!
What I have today are telescoping poles that I have been using for years with tent and tarp set ups.

These are from a company called Green Elephant and I will be sharing my review of both variants, the long and the short versions.

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Green Elephant Adjustable Poles Review

Versions :
The Black version is the longest
There is a silver version that is the shortest

Length :
Long : 2’ 9.5” to 8’ 2.8”
Short : 2’ 1.2” to 5’

Weight :
Long : 1.1lb
Short : .7lb

Materials :
Plastic, Rubber, Aluminium and stainless steel

Price : $55 for the 8’, $45 for the 5’

Included :
Storage bag and 2 poles

Review Pros :
Excellent quality poles
Have heard up to all sorts of conditions year after year without any problem – they have held up extremely well in rain, ice, snow, and wind
Can support a lot of weight, up to 50lbs but that requires a great deal of tightening.
Shorter poles can support up to 35lbs
Smooth telescoping
Highly adjustable
Easy to set up and breakdown
Very versatile
Universal tip will fit any grommet
The rubber caps do a great job of allowing the poles to be used up against tarp or tent material without causing sort of damage

Review Cons :
the company says these are waterproof and I have no idea what they are talking about as these poles will fill with water if you are using them with a tarp if they are exposed to rain. The poles will fill with water and when you break them down will act like a squirt gun. Because the water is on the inside, it takes forever for them to dry.

Does this cause any rusting? I do not know, I haven’t seen any discolored water coming from these as i continue to use them and they continue to operate without issue even though I have used these year after year. The company claims these are rustproof and so far this seems accurate.

The top rubber pole covers will eventually dry out and will rip off
The shorter silver versions aren’t that useful as they don’t do anything that the longer version can’t do and are almost the same price.
Pricey – and depending on what you are setting up, you may need more than just 2 poles. You might need 6 or even 8.
I mentioned previously that these poles can hold up to 50lbs but that’s with a great deal of tightening. If you have them that tight you may struggle with getting them loose
I don’t remember specifically why as it has been so long since I threw them away, but I didn’t like the storage bag that was included with these poles.

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