Onewind Quilt Review – Helikon-Tex Alternative?

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Interested in seeing a much less expensive alternative to the Swagman Roll from Helikon-Tex?

This is the Onewind Quilt which shares in many of the same features which makes the Swagman Roll so capable/versatile but costs a lot less.
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Onewind Top Quilt Review –

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Sizes : 86”X55” and 78”x55”
Pack Size : 11” X 6”
Colors : Olive Green with Black inside
Temp Ranges : 50f to 70f and 40F to 60F
Price : Retail price on the OneWind site is $69 for the 78” – $70 for the 86” The 40F version at 78” is $70
Price on Amazon is lower
Weight of the 78” 50F Model : 2lbs 1oz
Includes : Compression bag and Quilt
Materials :
20D 400T 1.1oz Nylon Fabric
Teflon treated to resist stains and features a DWR treatment
Sustans Insulation which is made by Dupont; this is made from plant fibers- I’m impressed with this insulation as it punches well above its weight class.

From the Company : The lightweight nylon top quilts are with DWR materials and water-resistant, keep you all night dry and warm, you can use the hammock quilt as blankets, warm poncho when both camping and backpacking, making it a versatile option for your four-season hammock sleeping system

This topquilt shell fabric and lining fabric are 20D 400T ultralight(1.1 oz) nylon fabric. The shell fabric is Dupont Teflon (DWR, protects from stains), Fabrics and quilt fillers are ultralight materials with a total weight of only 1.8LBS for Size 78″*56″ With a compression bag, the compact Top quilt is packable easily into the 11″*6″.
Features :
Can be used as;
Top Quilt

Single Snap at the top
Multiple Snaps for the footbox along with a drawpull

Strap and buckles to secure when wearing as a poncho

Snaps to head hole

Review Pros :
Versatile-can be used in many ways. – Works for ground sleepers and hammock users
Easy to vent if you are getting warm

Price is excellent!

Good size for most people- easy to stay covered

Weight is also very good

Material is comfortable against the skin

Warmth; far warmer than what I was expecting. It’s rated for 50F but I have taken into the mid 40’s and was still warm. Your mileage will vary but 50F is accurate for most people.
Excellent quality all around with only Minor loose threads here and there
Good compression bag; it works and compresses quite small

No hood which allows for a seamless blanket/quilt use – with other similar products, I have never used the hood myself.

Review Cons :
For some, a lack of hood could be a negative.

I would love to see snaps all the way to the top of the blanket so it could be used as a sleeping bag of sorts

It lacks a way to secure itself to a sleeping pad so that the user can toss and turn without it moving with them

Compression bag could be a bit bigger and that would make getting the blanket into it with a sloppy roll.

Because the nylon material is silky, rolling it tight enough to fit can be problematic.

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